”Without the flowing, sweet freedom of women and the feminine, a society will always be unhappy.”

I decided to make this page for women and offering a spiritual perspective on all things feminine and women’s empowerment. I was always looking for the right information or certain perspectives in other social media’s and blog sites, nevertheless I could not find my favourable perspective. (Not saying my opinions and views are the ONLY way, however I just noticed that there are a lot of things that tend to go unsaid.) I am highly passionate about this topic from the complete demonization of the divine feminine to how women are treated unfairly in certain parts of the world from my own personal experience. I do not want to exclude anyone who is not a woman but rather anyone who resonates highly with the feminine journey. I notice a lot of women being highly unaware of their natural chaotic power and misusing it very highly, which made me quite frustrated and in some cases heartbroken. All opinions are favourable, and I believe we can all learn from each other but I would appreciate respect as I would love to equally do the same.

When I visited my home country in East Africa back in 2016, I was in for a huge shock, and a huge passion awoke in me, one that will never die. A fire in my soul that will continue to burn for the rest of my life. I was highly disturbed by the treatment of women in my culture, but one thing that shocked me deeply was seeing a 15 year old girl getting married by force. I went to her wedding and I looked in her eyes, they were so teary and full of so much pain… I thought to myself why is this normal? Why is everybody dancing having fun when the bride looks so unhappy? This was the only small section of the demonization of the divine feminine. Stripping away her very freedom, oppressing her and not allowing her to marry the person she really wants because a woman is not worthy to have her own choice apparently. This is not the 18th century, this happens in the 21st century till this day! Women have been oppressed for centuries and they still are, even though nasty people try and gaslight those experiences and dismiss it. The people who can see this nasty and cruel treatment to women and not at all feel angry or upset have suppressed and silenced their inner feminine, locking her away in the dungeons of their cold souls. The bride’s  mother forced her into a unhappy marriage. I saw that women were harming themselves and their daughters, putting their own young innocent girls in danger. It felt like one big fat gigantic curse and the main perpetuators of this abhorrent sexism was not men surprisingly, but women. Long story short, after experiencing that and countless amounts of sexism i decided to research many different things. I did this for a while until I discovered occultism, divine feminine, chaos beings etc. Upon doing all of this quickly i was able to figure out many things and acquire some knowledge as I like to think I am a seeker of knowledge. I want to provide a safe space for women and people who resonate with my work to understand my fire/passion that I can share with you.

Latest Blog Posts 😉

  • Carving your own path
    During these hectic times in the 21st century many things are changing and people are starting to live their lives differently. As a young girl, I sometimes give into the pressure of the outside society and modern celebrity influences however now I am starting to embrace my differences even more. Truly becoming your own individualContinue reading “Carving your own path”
  • Ancestors, bloodlines and marriage.
    For many eons, praising one’s ancestors or even worshiping them was considered a normal traditional practice that still carries on today. It is believed that valuing your ancestors, looking after them, often communicating with them is granted protection (spiritual defence), and a closer connection to god.  In the Yoruba tradition, worshiping your ancestors is anContinue reading “Ancestors, bloodlines and marriage.”

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